There is an immediate correlation between our diet and our states of health and disease. A nutritional scope ranges from malnutrition to optimal health. Many common symptoms and diseases can often be prevented or alleviated with better nutrition. (– Wikipedia)

Knowing this it only makes sense that if you are looking to better your physical health through exercise you should not overlook the importance of nutrition in your overall plan. Nutrients are best derived from natural untouched sources. The least processed and chemically enhanced a food source the more beneficial it is to your health and wellbeing.

You are about to dedicate a lot of time and money to a fitness routine with your trainer and you trust that consistent effort and hard work will pay off in the end which it will, but in order to achieve your desired results you will have to come face to face with your current nutritional habits and be open minded and willing to change them for the rest of your life.

At studio fit’nez you will learn about real food first. It’s only when you’ve changed your diet to the best of your ability and you still lack the nutrients your body needs that you look into supplementation. It’s a last resort rather than a convenient way out for you and a profitable way in for your trainer. Studio fit’nez is not located on easy street but rather on dedication lane and you are either all aboard or barely on time.

It starts with education. This is true in all facets of life but since we advocate wellness we start with the teachings of such.

Linda Kastner (please see below), a registered dietitian who is part of our team is available to help you build a sustainable nutritional plan that will pull you off of easy street and onto dedication lane only if you are ready to take the leap.

If a registered dietitian is not the path for you, you can rest assured that your trainer has enough know how to get you started by teaching you the very basics of nutrition. It is part of your responsibility however to use the tools that you are given and continue to educate yourself and grow. Be aware of the jack in the box that is called a quick fix: there is no such thing as a quick fix and just like it takes a lot of blood sweat and tears to find and keep physical health through exercise, it is hard work to find and keep sound, long-term nutritional habits as well… so rather take on the challenge and be ready for hard work and growth.

Prepare to be the very best version of yourself for it is at studio fit’nez that your effort becomes your prize.


Linda Kastner

Registered Dietitian

Linda Kastner has been a registered Dietitian for 25 years. She has a B.S. degree form Ohio State University in Dietetics and a M.S. degree from Indiana University in Education. Her areas of interest include weight management, sports nutrition, nutrition for kids, and nutrition for disease prevention. She uses a personalized approach that focuses on healthy eating and lifelong changes to eating habits and she is a great addition to studio fit’nez and what it stands for.